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On this particular discussion forum that somehow made it on to YouTube PLO Lumumba does an exceptional job at addressing the many questions posed to him during the Q&A session as well as expresses many of the real problems facing Africa and its people today. 

But do pay special attention to timestamp: 02:07:40 there is a gentleman of a high military position from a neighboring country  who surprisingly "Misguidedly" unequivocally states as "FACT" that "Ugandan"  traditional leaders at a specific time "REQUESTED" for the missionaries that came there.What is most disturbing is that the gentleman stated this "Fable" with confidence and sternly presented it as "FACT" when is a complete FABLE that probably was long "Planted" there in order to "Justify" missionary crown and papal diabolical activities over time. Although PLO fortunately later addressed it properly one still has to wonder HOW COULD HE NOT KNOW that Uganda did not "exists" as of that time he refers to? It makes no sense as it is like saying european first encounter with tropicalized animals such as "Lions" was when they first came to Africa but yet, somehow "automagically" even centuries before european kings and nobles are documented as having "precise" LIONS in their "crests" and shields...does that make sense...come on we all have a brain....does it make sense?

If this gentleman was acting as an "agent provocateur" that is sad but if it was innocent then that is even more troubling because one then has to ask: If such a person has such "presuppositions" and he/she then conducts their daily role/activities with such presuppositions then HOW MUCH of this false presuppositions has guided their own actions and judgements against their own people especially being in the military forces.

Thus, we understand that if whatever one is doing if it is done with a false 'premise' as a starting point of reasoning then the result itself will end up with falsity. To put in other words: If I start my day with the belief embedded in me that "Africans and their traditional rulers" are no good then everything and every way I interact with an African it to will be founded on that underlying "Belief" that is deeply embedded in me. Clearly everyone can understand that if ones presuppositions/starting point are false it can be a very dangerous thing because everything we do in respect of those who are the objects of one presuppositions is predicated on this very false starting point of reasoning.

Finally, although he fell for that "planted" lie (as it probably arose form the oppressors themselves to vindicate themselves of any responsibility of of their evil actions) at time stamp 02:08:05 he slightly contradicts himself and appreciatively/objectively questioned "if reading and writing" was a thing of that time explaining that a so called "Legal" document was produced by the missionaries (note no one questions what "legal" means here) which he rightly states could have been done by the same missionaries and their predecessors as part of a diabolical plot to cover their tracks over time so as to vindicate themselves of any evil they did. 

But if he could question this "reading and writing" part WHY then is he not able to know that what he was using as his argument could not then have merely been an intentional "fable" planted I am confused as to HOW and WHY he would then go on and "believe" a blatant lie simply because his oppressors who have controlled the narrative for centuries have spoon-fed him a coverup story. As a people we need to be a bit more "OBJECTIVE" and Think more OUTSIDE THE BOX and question our own eurocentric mis-education more than anything else. 

The Q&A section provides a decent amount of questions that do need answers as for starters one of the questions that asked if the AU would itself tolerate such a level of PUBLIC discussion it guides us to the mysterious nature of the existing operations of the AU as WHAT really is it? Is it an OLIGARCHS playground organization? Also WHY has it got things like Agenda 2063 or similar when there is a nefarious AGENDA 2030 ONE WORL DGOVERNMENT of Oligarchs presently being constructed by the same COLONIAL powers and their PUPPETS as if that becomes a "REALITY" it means the AU just lied and deceived its people as it had no real intention of a one AFRICA as it would have long before then pole-vaulted into a puppet arm of the NEW GLOBAL RESET known as the ONE WORLD Governance system of the UN. 

If this ends up being the case it is sad that yet another generation of Africans in so called leadership positions SOLD OUT their own kind to the Devil again. It hurts because one has to ask do these Africans not have families? Do they not realise that they by colluding with their oppressors they are also shooting themselves in  the foot and destroying their own future generations. 

This really does not make sense as they surely cannot be thinking. Notice HOW they always avoid discussions of the existing actions of instituting a ONE WORLD government yet they are intentionally misleading  their own people. Africans we do need to start PAYING ATTENTION to detail and start asking pertinent questions such as WHO IS SPONSORING the AU and WHY does the AU take foreign funds IF it is supposed to be an "AFRICAN" thing? Also WHY are AFRICNA people not involved in the selection and operation of the AU why has it been submerged into an OLIGARCH?

To ALL young AFRICANS start asking QUESSITONS and seek clear OBJECTIVE ANSWERS!! As you have a lot to change in how we value and treat ourselves all that "DECEPTION" and SELL-OUT behaviour of our fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc, NEED TO COME TO AN END and only you the YOUNG can make the needed change by first seeking to TRULY UNDERSTAND the DETAILS of what is truly happening to your kind. They have systematically constructed cultural environments of SERVITUDE (note the Y"es Sir" conditioning of the children in many modern day societies this subjugation of the young did not happen accidentally as instead of nurturing proper CARING parent child relationships many societies started to groom children who were submissive...if any of you paid attention over the decades you should have seen the shift in paradigm but that is for another days discussion just know that it was NOT accidental but subtly orchestrated) which hider the next generation form being better than the generation before it and this must be changed but first the nuances of it need to be fully understood and addressed as we need a young generation that are resourceful, inventive, CARING, knowledgeable, and most importantly who VALUE their own kind as well as are filled with Pride, Integrity and Dignity (PID).

The YOUNG MUST NOT MAKE the same blunders as the generations before them as AFRICA and its people must work towards not only being UNITED but also being fit for purpose.