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This one goes out to all those ignoramus who have no "Frigin" clue what is going on even when it stares them right in the face!!


For some of you take a GOOD LISTEN to the very "ONES" (your oppressors) you hold in high "esteem" and reverence so much so that you even trust them (your historical oppressor)  more than members of your OWN family who tell you the TRUTH. Listen to this (video clip "1") captured dialogue closely.

When I first heard about the various law suites being filed against this particular minister in the UK I had "wondered" why "him" but I had not realized the EXTENT of the EVIL he and his elks had ORCHESTRATED [it is GLOBAL so do not think they orchestrated it only for the UK].

In fact it made me even "Ponder" if behind our backs around this time last year if my own mother had not also been covertly "euthanized" the night before they told us she had "passed" away when she was last seen a few hours earlier alive. As even after she had "died" we had to still do so much afterwards to deal with the saga of them NOT desperately/frantically labeling her death as a "Covid" death as they had intended to when she had actually gone in with a "stroke".

Anyway. those of you foolish ones failing to listen to even your own family members and instead choosing (its a choice you make remember that) to "BELIEVE" the same oppressors who have a history spanning centuries of lies and abuse simply because you have been brainwashed by MAIN STREAM MEDIA the very organizations the same orchestrators of the global depopulation agenda own (via shareholding and advertising dollars) and use to orchestrate their psychological mind warping operations on you.

Go ahead I cut this video clip out of a larger documentary recently released that exposed a bunch of events happening RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE which you blindly still cannot see nor smell!

This small piece should make you ask the question "When Your time comes" what do you think they are going to do to YOU!! These are simply COLD BLOODED murderers in suits and white lab coats as it is shocking that they can be this EVIL to humanity at large  especially when they too are born of woman and man (humanity)...One has to truly wonder where this DEPTH of EVIL and WICKEDNESS originates from as is it INNATE?

WHY? Why would anyone ORCHESTRATE such EVIL? Yes! power and authority "corrupts" and ABSOLUTE power is even worse!  SICK is ALL I can say!

Well good thing you have some honest and integrity filled IT personnel decided to put technology and their technical skills to GOOD use (as technology is a two way sword) and were able to capture and pass these secret "conversations" on:

Sadly, Even those who construct the evil laws and force "OTHERS" to live by them technology itself can also expose their frauds: With every passing day more and more gets revealed and its just a matter of time as Good shall Prevail over EVIL!

Very very sad!! If you are a LAWYER start class-action cases and go SUE their frigin arsses as you have millions of people damaged by their actions to suddenly become your CLIENTS!

There are legal groups out there already working on these cases (so you do not need to re-invent the wheel) simply contact them. There are class action cases that are already being worked on by a number of groups (even in South Africa) so JOIN them (they will help you maneuver the "corrupt" judiciary that is in place as just as they have corrupted and controlled the media they did the same to the legal system but smart lawyers exist that are addressing this issue) and put your legal knowledge and skills to good use for once and go get these Murderers for "Crimes Against Humanity".



P/S the second video clip...well you have a brain piece that one (and the pictures) together YOURSELF!!