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Not sure what may have triggered this one but I certainly Feel you and anyone who does not needs their brainwashed head examined that is for sure.

I will try and watch that P.O Lumumba's video in an hour or so as just been busy setting up stuff as usual and managing/monitoring the network. I know these things stab like a knife but brother do try and not let it make you loose focus as like you rightly said, African people DID NOT GET this way by chance as THEY CONTRIBUTED to their own problems and still do (just see how they cheat, manipulate, slaughter, sabotage and even sell their souls to do the oppressors work against their own kind) every day so if P.O.Lumumba is hurt and mad he has all the right to be as let us be honest and ask a few questions...

Question: Who sold Marcus Garvey for rice?  Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who Sabotaged Samouri Toure? Answer: Niggars!

Question: Who vigorously captured slaves for their oppressors? Answer: Niggars!

Question: Who Brutally sabotaged and actively participated in the assassination of the real historical Patrice Lumumba?  Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who were the minions that helped (and brutally at times) keep the African people under colonial rule for the handful of european oppressors that were in each the country? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who colluded with the west and Overthrew Nkrumah? Answer: Niggars

Question: Who sold there souls to the Devil and Colluded with the FBI to assassinate Brother Malcolm? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who sold there souls to the Devil and Colluded with the FBI to assassinate Fred Hampton? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who even sabotaged and assassinated the real sheriff Derwin Brown of De Kalb county in USA? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: Who (despite knowing that these "organizations" were designed and established to repress and subjugate Those labelled as Black) willingly enlisted into, and filled all the legacy organizations of repression from the police, military to the clandestine ones? Answer: Niggars?

Question: Who stupidly leaves the colonial borders of "divide and rule" intact on so-called "independence" in Africa? Answer: Niggars!

Question: Who stupidly struts around with batman cape, elongated shoes, pot-bellies and ignorantly proudly sporting a "Lord Nelson" Wig/tupe on their heads and worse ignorantly adhering ever so religiously to a system of LAW that they inherited from Colonial rule? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who on so-called independence stupidly "imitates" their oppressors "Parliamentary Systems" without being able to create their own that is more humane and not as pathetic and violent as what the oppressor left behind for them? Answer: Niggars!

Question: Who, year after year , continuously wastes/spends huge budgets on repeatedly purchasing useless and dilapidated weapons  (instead of making their own like Samouri Toure did) from their oppressors that are absolutely USELESS in defending their African countries from their REAL and Historic enemies in the event of conflicts or warfare as the only purpose those WEAK and pitiful weapons serve is for African governments to use to internally "brutalize" their own people and any neighbor weaker country? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who colluded with their oppressors and even planted the car bomb that assassinated Walter Rodney? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who shamelessly through donations and hand-outs in places of worship gleefully receive funds (knowingly and unknowingly) from the KKK and other clandestine organizations to keep those labelled as black down? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: Who colluded with the Eugenicist Margret Sagler to secretly sterilize women and men amongst their "followers"? Answer: the "king" of Niggars in the 60's!!! [go do your proper investigative research]

Question: Who colluded with the oppressors to sabotage the Organization of African Unity and make it a "puppet" of the west turning it into a handicap hand-out organization today known as the AU for "western" donations? Answer: Niggars!

Question: who keeps WORSHIPING and IMITATING their OPPRESSORS in nearly EVERYTHING from religion to Education without being able to Think-Outside-The-Box or be UNIQUE and create/invent their own? Answer: Niggers

Question: Who likes to quickly jump on jets flying abroad to be seen "posing" gleefully and in the company (albeit as table puppies) of their oppressors political leadership and joyfully eagerly wating for an opportunity to take photo shoots with their oppressors? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who colluded with the west to implement the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah? Answer: Niggars

Question: Who intentionally openly and shamelessly (as ironically "Angola" as a country was were many from "namibia" sought refuge during their own so-called independence  struggles) "officially" persecutes the Oshiwambos of Angola (under the disguise of western inherited processes of IMMIGRATION) that happen to stray into the colonial border territories known as Namibia who (to make this mind boggling actions/reality even the more stupid) even share the same mother-tongue but due to Colonial rule/divide they were forcefully ripped from their own extended families at the time by evil colonial oppressors? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: who even publicly  such as the mental retard Colins Hangula "boasts/brags" and vows to sabotage and (I Quote:) destroy the life of someone else who ironically he knows very little about and to make matters more senseless was the same person who on realising a "scam" was in place quickly intervened and saved the very Colins Hangula from being further fraudulently abused by the same person he (evil and brainless Colins Hangula) actually had colluded with to "defraud" the very person who in the end ended up helping him form being further defrauded by his own colluding Milo Ipinge young criminal minded partner (the help came before one realized he was also in on the scam in the first place)? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who are the ones in the Police forces that are so corrupt all over Africa and invest so much time daily to terrorize, bully and  brutalize their own citizens (as if their citizens do not already have a heavy LEGACY burden from centuries of being colonized and abused by external oppressors)? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who up to this very moment are presently colluding with their oppressors to "depopulate" the planet in lock-step with their Eugenicist masters? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who colluded with their oppressors to mysteriously "disappear" the Tanzanian president over a year ago? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who colluded with their "oppressors" to even publicly EXECUTE Ken Sarawiwa? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: Who knowingly colluded with their oppressors to falsely frame and publicly shame Winnie Mandela of a crime she did not commit? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who can be seen sporting a pop-belly and strutting around proudly boasting that he is a "BIG MAN" and abusing that role to secretly "oppress people and encourage "servitude" locally from " the little girls  (and sometimes boys) all over Africa? Answer: Niggars!!

Question: Who intentionally pours kerosene/petrol over his/her fellow African then lights a matchstick and sets a human being on fire callously simply because they come from ANOTHER colonial rule divided African COUNTRY? Answer: Niggars!

Question: Who violently group rape and terrorized women (many who had to prostitute to survive the racism and lack of windows of opportunities of a harsh reality shock they experienced as women migrants to europe...a secret no one likes to talk about that many endured in places such as the Biljmermeer in Amsterdam, Holland and even worse experiences in places like Belgium, notorious Italy, Spain and Portugal as the only thing they could do there was prostitute themselves or sell drugs). ANSWER: Niggars!!

Question: Who stupidly intentionally lacks and blocks TRANSPARENCY on virtually everything in their society (ironically this is the one thing that could save them from the excesses of their oppressors as only by making sure all transactions and interactions are transparent to the populace could they then prevent oppressor manipulation and stealth actions) and takes all their experiences and secrets to the graveyard leaving NOTHING behind for future generations to learn form or build upon? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: Who stupidly is NOT even presently documenting/archiving their OWN history and EXPERIENCES but just walking the earth like the LIVING DEAD with their heads deeply buried in the sand in defensive denial? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: Who walks over dead bodies in the streets and "normalizes" such behavior without due thought or care? Answer: Niggars!!!

Question: In fact: Who shot and publicly killed that person in the streets in Calabar town just last week? Answer: Niggars!!!

I could do this Q&A for years to come endlessly non stop as there are so many "questions"...BUT I hope YOU all now get the reality of our peoples  situation irrespective of whether we bury our heads in the sand or not!!

Conclusively we are at the cross-roads and it is time we did a HONEST APPRAISAL of our CURRENT standing: