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This raises and introduces a number of very important questions about the System, our own assumptions that we all have embraced on birth and have never questioned because we have been groomed NOT TO:
1) The lack of Transparency on HOW laws are initiated, crafted and implemented
2) The lack of public debates on issues that affect the public
3) The lack of accountability of those who claim to be in decision making roles
4) The lack of the ability for those who implement/uphold these non-publicly created laws to question the rationality and efficacy of the very laws they have been conscripted to obediently uphold

When we live in a world where humanity cannot see that there is something terribly wrong with humanity itself then you realize that humanity is in deep trouble. Sadly, humans have gone deep into contempt, disdain and hate for humanity itself and as such any sane person should clearly see that things are in a very bad shape.

James Corbett does an exceptional job at bringing to the forefront a situation I also noticed way back in 1989 when I went to my first higher learning "academic" conference that was supposed to be on the topic of "Development" in a place called Sintra in Portugal. It was to be my last as what I observed (attitudes, behavior. mindset and habits) of those in the academic walls of what I call "bubble" learning I realized I truly did not want to be a part of as for me if this was the  world of "academia"  then such "lofty and inhumane" enclosure attitudes was not for me.

For many who may not have had the opportunity to partake in academic studies that involve such branches as Science or Philosophy with such schools of thought it may be hard for you to comprehend what Mr Corbett is describing here. Nevertheless the general gist of it should suffice to bring an ordinary persons mind to understand that there are sub-groups of humanity that are talking about YOU and I. Sub-groups that for some bizarre reason have contempt, disdain and hate for You and I (it does not matter what so called "color" label  group or sub-group you fall into) .

Sadly this disdain, contempt and hate when given external  fuel from financially strong individuals or groups  dedicated and motive driven  (as in the case of movements formed such as Eugenics) can easily translate to physical actions of which ruthless/subtle elimination is a strong part of that motive.

As an "ordinary" person it is not sufficient any longer to go about your daily life nodding your head along to the merry  tune of the pied piper in total ignorance/bliss. These are times when you need to strongly be aware of events and thoughts that "others" are conjuring up about You and I because to be in denial may one day end up being too late for 'prevention' to act in your favor and save you.

They refer to you and call you "Cannon Fodder" and all sorts of flavored derogatory words. They use strategies of divide and rule to keep you from preventing their madness hailing down on you.

They form and use various organizations to keep you in stupor and they use various "constructs" of loyalty and identification to keep you in servile obedience. They constantly experiment on you as guinea pigs for their wild deranged ideas of how to place you in perpetual servitude and bondage.

Only YOU can help yourself prevent your indoctrination and remove yourself from their matrix. Their insane objective is perpetual Servitude and surveillance as in their world their are two elaborate constructed worlds that consist of the "ruled" and that of the "ruling".

You need to take off the moth balls that cover your eyes so that you can see what is (and has been) happening right in front of your very eyes.

This video in truth needs no introduction because Mr Corbett is well and truly capable of explaining things himself but nevertheless I have provided the viewer with a brief alternate explanation of what the video is pointing out as HUMANITY as we know is presently in a very bad place.