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Ignorance and "awe" are the two main steering wheels to place your self in a position of compromise. Once compromised it is often impossible to turn back the hand of time as you are now both gullible and vulnerable to manipulation and doing the devils work.

Always put in the "effort" and time to first question (simply use the Idris 5WH Thinking Framework) any sort of "benevolence" as often what you "see" is not what you get. A man is NOT dead yet he tells you he is "Giving" his money away but yet he makes more gains under the sheets and moves a hidden agenda. MONEY is of little concern for any one who has it in ABUNDANCE (so ignore any sweet words they say about "money") as CONTROL and IDEOLOGY is more motivating....and that is where you need to focus your analytical attention.

I do not need to write anything more on this because this documentary visually and orally tells you the complete story far better than I could in a mere description.  When you do watch this constantly ask yourself the simple question "WHY"...why do you fall so easily for propaganda simply because someone throws money around? Why is it (objectively) is it that you have grown to "Worship" a fellow human simply because he/she is Privileged or has an abundance of wealth? Is there a short-fall in ones-self that makes one succumb to servitude?

Finally, this is a story focusing on just one man, but the sad truth is virtually all the others that you worship share a similar mindset towards YOU as they all wine and dine and pass joke time with you. I know you do not like hearing this but the sooner we all get with reality then the better as then we can move on beyond the first stage of "acknowledgement" on to the second stage of brainstorming how to make the world a better place for all.

Long story short, never compromise your soul as it is because YOU (knowingly or unknowingly) do the dirty work for them hence why they do what they do and look "down" on YOU as an "inferior being".


Have you  ever heard of the "Benevolent "Dictator"? I guess not, as it is not a term used everyday on the streets. However, for many of you maybe let me use the term "Wolves in Sheep Clothing".....Ahhh! that probably rings a bell! If you put in the effort to do your own research and objectively follow both the money and the breadcrumbs you will see you can easily determine a lot. Money does not make a man evil (that is a poor mans myth as far too many  "poor" people like to console themselves with foolish thoughts) as evil is innate. Whether you have money or not evil is still evil. One sure way of cultivated i-grown evil is the passionate adoption of "Ideologies" constructed on false premises that come pre-loaded with self constructed assumptions. Eugenics (now better known as, and neatly "slotted" into, Population control or Environment Control etc. as the chameleon always changes its skin) is EVIL and the construct of a group of humans who in their very essence of being are riddled with inadequacies of being and thus need power, authority, resources and sadly YOU to do their dirty bidding to feel good about themselves.

If you have never studied the ideology of Eugenics maybe spare sometime to do so as there is a lot you can learn about the sub-human nature of parts of humanity.